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Open source license

This license is designed for open-source and non-commercial websites and applications. The Infinite Ajax Scroll open source license is Affero General Public License (AGPL). The most important part of the license is:

The key point of the GPL is that it's "sticky." If you use GPL-licensed software in a modified form or incorporate it into your product, you have to make it available under the same terms. You can sell the software, but you also have to make its source code freely available.

The AGPL is even stickier than the GPL. Its stickiness extends to code which runs on servers, even if it's never published.


Commercial license

The commercial license is designed to use Infinite Ajax Scroll in closed-source/proprietary websites and applications. This license removes the "sticky" requirements as described above.

After purchase you will receive a Commercial License PDF which grants the right to use Infinite Ajax Scroll in your commercial projects.

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OEM license

If you develop a commercial SDK, plugin, theme, or an other kind of wrapper around Infinite Ajax Scroll we offer an Commercial OEM License. This license is customized and pricing depends on the expected sales volume and pricing. Please contact us at for more details.

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